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Alvand Industrial Group was established in 1985 with the Ministry of Heavy Industries license under the brand name “Alvand Tarash” to manufacture textile parts. Since 1990 factory’s activity  was focused on producing Hot Air Furnaces in different capacities under the brand name “Alvand Heater” which was greatly welcomed by poultry owners. In the early 2000s, this company, with the purpose of designing and equipping poultry halls, changed its brand name to “Alvand Poultry Industry” and added 100-120-140 cm Exhaust Fans, automatic Pan Feeding and Nipple Drinking Systems, and then Jet Heaters and Inlet Windows to its products basket...

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Alvand produces equipment of ventilation and heating systems for poultry halls; ventilation system contains exhaust fan, air inlet and circulation fan, heating system contains jet heater and hot air furnace. Alvand poultry industries also produces pellet mill to help poultry breeders to reduce costs.


Alvand Greenhouse Industries to create favorable ventilation and suitable heat in greenhouse, offers the products such as exhaust fan, circulation fan, jet heater and hot air furnace. Due to the sensitivity of greenhouse environment to pollutant gases, Alvand produces jet heater with exhaust.


Due to the importance of suitable ventilation in industrial halls, gyms … Alvand produces the products such as exhaust fan and circulation fan that help air circulation. Also for creating suitable heat in these places, Alvand offers the heating products such as jet heater and hot air furnace.


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